Saturday, October 5, 2013

She's my hero

You ever have a friend who goes through a trial and they come out of it like a complete champ? And then all you can say is "You're my hero! And you're so strong!" This girl is mine. My lovely friend Krista. She's also the hottest of all the babes I know.

One Saturday night I called Krista to ask if she was going to her school's football game because I happened to be there and wanted to hangout with her. Sadly she was in San Diego for her cousin'so wedding reception. We said our goodbyes over the phone, and only 45 minutes later, she was almost taken from this world. Her family's car got hit by a drunk driver on the way home from the wedding, and they rolled 5ft down a hill from the freeway. As they rolled, Krista got ejected from the car because her seat belt broke. It's a serious miracle this girl is still in our lives, and I'm so grateful for the countless answered prayers on her behalf. 

Once she was transferred to a nearby hospital, I was able to visit her 2 times and both times I could tell she was already getting better. She always is so happy and has tons of energy! And her lifelong goal was to be able to lift only 1 of her eyebrows and guess what? She accomplished the goal! Of course it's a lot different than she thought it would be though.

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