Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Two of us are always Adventuring

My best friend and I are currently on an adventure. 
On Saturday, we woke up early and traveled to St. George, Utah. It wasn't too long of a drive and we were able to get some ice cream from Arctic Circle for lunch. We then headed to Cedar City where we visited my friend's grandma. She was the sweetest lady, and has the coolest clothes that we tried on. Even though we were dying from heat exhaustion.

We then drove up to Lauren's family cabin and hiked around the area to a small pond. This hike was lots of fun and the scenery was beautiful, besides the gross bugs.
On our drive home, we saw a Shakespearean festival going on. Basically a bunch of hippies get together and sell stuff they've made, eat lots of food, listen to good music, and ride a mechanical bull. Lauren and I both got similar Fourth of July bracelets. The fair was so cute and random. 
After all of our adventures, we went back to St. George where we ate dinner at The Pizza Factory(it has bomb breadsticks) with Lauren's mom's best friend from high school. Her husband was hilarious, and the family was really sweet.
We ended the night with a trip to visit the St. George temple before going swimming and watching Mama. Oh, and having boys creepily stare at us as we picked out breakfast from the grocery store.

On Sunday, we woke up early to drive to Draper, Utah where Lauren's brother lives. We visited with him for a few minutes and then walked around Temple Square. It was so peaceful. 

The rest of the day was spent playing sudoku, going grocery shopping, and walking around a nearby duck pond. 

So far I love Utah and the adventures have only begun.

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