Monday, May 6, 2013

Who am I?

Do you ever have to ask that to yourself? Who am I really?
And the follow-up question:
Who do I want to be? 

Singing with a nationally ranked choir called OCMCO
(April 2013)
As I have struggled through my high school years, as most teenagers do, I have found myself. 
Think back to one of your high school breakups(I'm assuming there was at least one). What was your excuse for breaking up? Was it because you didn't like him, or because you didn't know what you were doing anymore? 2 of my breakups have been on account of me needing to find myself before I shared my life with someone else. I have recognized as I have come to actually follow through with the challenge I set for myself, that I am not the person I thought I was. I used to think I was over energetic, boring, ugly, and a gossiper. I thought these things because that is what I was told. Especially as teenagers, we think of ourselves as worthless because that is what others want you to think about yourself. I challenge everyone of you to figure out
Hawaii with my family
(April 2013)
I know now that I am:
- Kind
- Friendly
- Positive
- Funny
I also know that I love music, babysitting, working, hanging out with friends, being independent, being responsible for my actions, going to the beach, singing, and traveling

Working at Big Air OC
(March 2013)

Wild West Wednesday with Dylan Devaney and Madeline Hunstein
(April 2013-Junior)

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