Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Late nights, Dim Lights

This past weekend was a three day weekend. The last day we had off school until summer is here(today marks exactly 2 weeks until school is out). Being this excited about a break, you better believe I made it the best weekend ever.

It started on Friday when I drove up to Long Beach to spend the weekend at my grandparent's house. Not long after I arrived, I went over to my friend's house where we worked on his new clothing company and picked up his new pins and stickers. Then we picked up another friend and we headed to the Observatory in Santa Ana. 

There we met up with 9 other friends, and shoved our way to the front of the pit to be really freaking close to the band. We saw The Neighbourhood and it was AMAZING!!!

After the amazing concert, we hit up in-n-out before calling it a night.
The next night was a different story. It started with my first energy drink, and I was already super hyper before that!!
We decided to go to a concert for Dresses, JMSN, and Sir Sly. We were right up in front of the stage again and all 5 of us had the best time ever. We even got T-shirts and pins.

This is where the story changes. Twists. And winds up as a crazy adventure.
Kayvon's car was towed. It took 30 minutes to figure out what we were going to do about it, and once we did we still had to get his mom to come to Costa Mesa from Rancho Cucamonga. Luckily I drove in my car, and we didn't take our jeep because everyone wouldn't fit in the car. 
We hopped in the car, went to sonic to quench our thirst, and then drove to the tow yard. After an hour and a half of talking, laughing, peeing our pants, and acting like retards- Kayvon got his car back and headed home to Rancho!

I'm going to be honest here. I felt bad for Kayvon. But I've always wanted to go to a tow yard at 2 in the morning to pick up a car. I never wanted to pay the $350 fine though, so I'm so very grateful it happened to my friend. Although I still feel so bad for him. He gave me a life experience I will never forget. That's the full truth. Nothing but the truth.

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