Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Summer of Goodbyes

This summer is destined to be the summer I say Farewell to a lot of my wonderful friends. Most of my friends are off to college or to serve missions for their church. One Sunday before they leave on their mission they give their "Farewell Talk" where they give a goodbye speech about how they cannot wait to serve The Lord for 2 years. I love these Sundays.

This past Sunday, one of my closest friends from OCMCO gave his Farewell Talk. He and I became pretty close on our trip to Texas(more on that later), but he lives in Rancho Cucamonga. Which meant I got to go on a day trip to see my best friend give his talk! My other really good friend, Randall, was my travel buddy as we woke up at 6am to travel the distance.

I love adventures. And this seemed like the perfect adventure to take right in the middle of my finals week.

We arrived safely and went to his church. We sat with our other friends Blake, Skylor, Alyssa, and Jared. I love these people. It truly is the hardest thing to live so far away from the people you love.

Anyways, Kayvon gave the best Farewell Talk I have ever heard(seriously no surprise) and he sang a beautiful duet with his sister. It's so sad to see my friends go, but I know they are serving The Lord and they will be so blessed for that.

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