Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh the Dancing

This year I was asked to Prom by my wonderful friend Isaac Schmitt. He and I have known each other since fourth grade when we were in the same class and in our school musical he played Thomas Jefferson absolutely perfectly(he was in fifth grade at the time). Then my Sophomore year he was in my Spanish class where we become closer as we talked every class. It wasn't until this year that we became close friends though. And boy am I ever so glad I met him and his group of friends. These people have been so nice and have helped me conquer high school the proper way(only 2 years late right??)

I ended up waking up on Saturday morning super sick(with a couch and runny nose) so I was not really feeling up to party. When I told Isaac about my sickly state, he decided to tell me he had just had a delayed poison ivy reaction from the pig hunting trip he had gone on the week before. Needless to say, we both weren't feeling up to dancing but we made the most of it and enjoyed the whole entire night together as best friends! They even played "Forever Young"(which is also played in Napoleon Dynamite) which is Isaac and I's favorite song, so it lifted our spirits.

The lovely Kallin Zehrin and I enjoying small, enthusiastic chatting

The boutonniere pinning. I was helped by my grandma, but then the flower head broke off.
Luckily, my friend Tara's mom was there to help us out

The lovely Jenna Breig 

Paige Donaldson, Madeline Hunstein, and Jenna Breig
Oh, and that sun. (Grateful the 2 girls next to me made me look tan)

The Schmitt family and their dates
Connor Devaney and Sarah Scmitt, Spencer Bateman and Lizzy Schmitt
The wonderful Lindsay Speros who planned the whole event

Action Shots are the Best Shots


Have to get the hair picture
(Done by Britany Gharring)

Sarah Schmitt is beautiful
 Our prom was in Diamond Bar, CA at the Diamond Center on March 20, 2013. We took pictures at the Aliso Viejo Golf Course, which is where we also had a delicious dinner. Right next to the dinner was a wedding. We took a big party bus to and from the dance, and had a magical night dancing and making memories with each other before most of our group goes off to college.
Oh and our best friends Lizzy Schmitt and Spencer Bateman won Prom King and Queen!!

Farewell Class of 2013!

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